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We are a group of local gents and ladies that all work together to do what we can to "kick cancer to the curb"! It all started 13 years ago when a group of gals, adorned in pink, rode their motorcycles through Shell, Wyoming. The posse stopped at dirty Annies and our founder (Laurie Stoelk) learned their story. They were an amazing group of women, lead by the incredible Flo, who rode in a conga line and their cause was the fight against breast cancer. At that moment an idea was born. 

The following year a small group of bicyclists accepted the challenge to ride the 66 miles from Cody to Shell, escorted by Flo and her conga gals. Since that first ride, several others have accepted the challenge and that one day in June see's more and more riders on Highway 14 every year. Sadly, Flo and her conga line no longer escort the bicyclist as Flo has passed on but her legacy continues and you will frequently hear seasoned riders declare to "just go with the Flo". 

Cancer has and will continue to effect each and every one of us but we band together in the wake of tragedy. We do what we can to support our friends and neighbors and remember those we have lost. Here in the Big Horn Basin we are blessed with wide open spaces but it causes a financial challenge to those traveling long distances for doctors appointments and everything else those goes with the terrible "C". That is why we peddle. We ride and we raise funds to offset the non-medical expenses that folks living in the Big Horn Basin incur when they are faced with cancer. If our efforts can ease just some of the stress, we are proud to accept the challenge and we hope you will be too.


Since 2011, PEAKS to Conga has raised over $300,000

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